The Gault Family

I have had the privilege of photographing these little cuties before but never the whole family so I was so excited, then mom mentioned she would like some nursing shots of her last baby boy! I was thrilled, being a nursing mom myself I truly love and encourage it. I truly do think its an amazing thing to be able to do for your baby and having some images to capture that time is so beautiful! We started our session out with nursing shots as she fed her baby I realized just how special I was to be able to capturing this for her to remember long after her little baby will grow. We then went into the family session, this mom did a great job with outfit choices for her family and really listened to all my advice making the session flow perfectly. I have never really suggested to have my clients to bring an awesome aunt to the session but after this session I think I might! I loved that Aunty was able to help with the kids and even feed them snack and such while I pulled mom and dad away for some one on one time and photos. I often hear from my parents " just do the kids its ok" but no its not ok, lol I truly think its important to never forget why you are where you are or why you have those beautiful babies! Capturing this beautiful family and this stunning light... made my night and also helped it to become one of my favs to date! I am also super excited to say this session will be my first ever Featured session!! I will be featured on Beyond the wanderlust and its is truly a huge honor to be put up on such an amazing blog! So thank you to the Gault family for being so awesome and adorable!