My first Hybrid Wedding!

What does Hybrid mean...? Hybrid means that I not only shoot digital but also film! I love the look of film, the skin tones, the authentic feeling it gives, all of it! I started really loving the look of film about 3 years ago but had no clue how to achieve it, so I researched and tried so hard to get the look. Trying to duplicate the look of film is not and easy task however I was getting pretty close, so I thought... until I actually picked up a film camera about 6 months ago! Film is so irreplaceable  and just so beautiful! I ordered my first true film camera just before this wedding last month and also all my film stock to go with it, they both came to me the morning of this wedding together (ordered from two different places) It was fate! I was so nervous to shoot film at a wedding, but so excited and just new it was in the cards for this wedding. So here went nothing! Waiting for my film stock to get back was both exciting and nerve racking, like Christmas morning! I send my film off to The Find Lab in Utah so it takes about 2 weeks to get them back. When I got my film back from this wedding I was sold even more and wished I had shot even more of it! I'm hooked, and love it more every time I get more scans! Thank you Natalie and Chris for being my first ever hybrid wedding and for being such and amazing couple to photograph!

Linen: Luxe linen

Videography: Dan Rinke

Floral: Posh petals

Band: Cosmic groove

Cake: KJ's Confections

Dress: Bridal Belles

Tuxes: Mens Wearhouse

Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal