Long Boat Key, Fl Tropical Storm Destination Beach Wedding...

This destination in long beach florida was truly one for the books! The day was so perfect and the bride so calm. I have had the privilege of photographing many family members in this family and truly always enjoy each and every time I am able to. When booking your wedding you really have no control over weather and so when you find out your wedding is the same weekend as a tropical storm not he gulf coast of florida... what do you do?! Well this bride was so awesome and just went with the flow! The images that we were able to capture honestly are some of my favorites and especially the moments where we were all running from the storm! We all laughed, cried and celebrated as this couple embraced it all! The ceremony was just so perfect and intimate and the little break the storm gave us made for so killer formals of the bride and groom! Hope you enjoy a glimpse in to this sarasota tropical storm wedding. Thank you Catharine and Derek for being awesome!

Dress: Pieras Bridal

Thank you's: Nokes Granola

Hair and Makeup: Cari with Kyle lynn 

Venue: The Chart house