Reflecting on 2016

Oh my, what a year! Looking back on 2016 brings so many wonderful memories to my mind. From the baby bumps to the wedding parties we sure had a lot to love. I tried picking my favorites but quickly realized I didn't have enough room! 2016 will always be special for me as it was my first complete year as a full time Photographer. While it has always been a passion of mine, it wasn't my only job. 

This journey started almost 6 years ago and I never thought photography would pick me the way that it has! It's a blessing for me to be able to follow my passions and run my own business. That being said, I realized it was a big step, and I really didn't know how awesome the year would turn out.

Being that photography was now my full time career, I decided to pick up a film camera. Knowing that I'd need to gain some knowledge quickly, I traveled to both Kentucky and Tennessee to attend two workshops. Film, wow! I can say that film is hard, but beautiful. There have been some amazing scans and some, well, not so great! Learning film has been a very exciting but humbling experience that has forever changed me as an artist. Authentic and romantic, nothing is quite like film.

With everything taking off, not to mention balancing the mom life, it became very apparent that I'd need another set of hands. But how or where was I going to find someone who A) sees my vision and passion for my business, B) knows about photography, and C) could handle all the stressful moments. After several interviews I couldn't find anyone that I was able to say, "Yes, this will work!" Then a client of mine called me. "I'm available" Amanda said. We sat down and it was apparent that Amanda and I would be great together. From holding a light or making sure I have my extra batteries she has been there. Amanda has also helped with a lot of the behind the scenes parts of the business, which has allowed me to focus more on the creative side. The most important trait that Amanda has mastered is the last one I was looking for: she knows how to read me and keeps calm during those rare but intense moments that can happen in a wedding day. 

Looking back through this year's photos it makes my heart so happy to know that I've been able to capture moments that will be forever cherished by my clients. A new family's first picture, seeing a father's emotion as he walks his daughter down the aisle or that special dance with Grandma,all memories that I was able to capture for those involved forever.

 2016 saw me attend 2 film workshops, photograph 20 weddings, 3 editorial styled shoots, and almost 100 sessions. Going full time I knew I'd have to work really hard, but hard work pays off! This work led to my year highlight - I got published! Not once, but 8 times!

What a great year. Thank you so much to all of you for letting me share your special moments this year. To Amanda, thanks for your support and being by my side through this successful year! I can't wait to see what 2017 brings us!

Port Huron, Mi - Black River Country Club Wedding



When it rains on your wedding day...and it turns out awesome! This couple didn't care if it was raining - they wanted an outdoor wedding. What started as a tiny drizzle early in the day steadily increased to the point of a slight downpour, but Briana and Craig didn't let it get them down, and their family and friends were such troopers! After the ceremony, we whisked the bridal party away to The Exquisite Corpse Coffee House. The lighting and decor had Craig and Briana looking like couture models! Back at the country club during the reception, the parents' speeches had everyone (including me!) cracking up with their stories about Craig and Briana and their dating years. At one point, every male guest in the room was putting oven mitts in front of Briana...something about a Halloween costume gone wrong? The night ended with some enthusiastic dancing by Craig's old baseball buddies while the DJ was playing some old school classics like Backstreet Boys! All in all, I was so excited that this couple turned lemons into lemonade and had such a blast on their big day!

Venue: Black river country club

Dj: universal sound productions

Strings: star string quartet

Flowers: ullenbruch flowers

Dress: allure (white arbor bridal salon)

Hair and make up: twisted scissorz salon

Bridesmaids: bill Levkoff ( Brooklyn bridal)

Cake: Jennie b cakery

Groomsmen: Moores